RICS Volunteers on the Canal!

We were joined by volunteers from RICS Scotland (Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors) who done some brilliant work at an area of the Falkirk Wheel where visitors hiring a holiday boat take their car and unload their luggage and stores onto their Holiday Hire Boat. The car park area is close to the Forth and Clyde Canal – so close there are barriers to stop cars rolling into the canal “should” the driver forget to engage the handbrake!

The barriers are old lock gate balance beams cut to size. When we arrived at the site the barriers looked rather tired and un-loved.

The vegetation in this area does not allow the sun to shine on the pontoons/walkway. This allows a perfect situation for the walkway to remain “damp”. This causes the walkway to become “slip hazard”. This is due to the moss able to grow on the walkway when no sunlight gets to the walkway.


The tasks:

  • Improve the look of the beams
  • Clear the vegetation
  • Allow sunlight to hit the walkway
  • Improve the look of the area

The team set to work to clear the vegetation and weeds around the beams, clean, scrape and paint the beams and cut back the vegetation and the off-shoots of the vegetation to allow sunlight to get through to the walkway.

The team split into teams and attacked the above tasks. At the end of the day we stood back and found we had carried out a fantastic job transferring the area into a respectable and safe parking area! The amount of sun light getting through, after cutting back the vegetation getting to the walkway, was amazing. Visitors and Holiday Hire Boat employees were very complimentary of the transition.


It was great day and as can be seen from the volunteers comments after completing the work confirms the volunteers enjoyed the experience. Another project with volunteers and Scottish Waterways Trust has assisted Scottish Canals with their maintenance works on Scotland’s Canals. Scottish Waterways Trust look forward to the next group of corporate volunteers wanting to get out into the fresh air and assist with keeping Scotland’s Canals a fantastic area for all to enjoy.

We were involved in the clearing of a car park, painting up the bollards to be visible to motorists and giving the foliage a good strip back. John was superb; he was professional but approachable, really great fun, hardworking (he got stuck in as much as we did!) and he made us all feel so welcome. He was also genuinely appreciative of our efforts, which is always so rewarding after working so hard.

Everyone came away saying how much they enjoyed the day. We worked well as a team and it was a good opportunity for different departments to join together on a common goal. A really brilliant day. If you’ll have us back next year I think we’d jump at the chance!

–  Ysella Jago, RICS Scotland


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