Amazing support for our crowdfunding campaign!

Our crowdfunding campaign for The Waterways Hub closed on Wednesday, and with thanks to your incredible support we have raised £1,870 towards a new project hub in Falkirk. Including offline donations, we’ve fundraised an amazing £3,950!

From everyone who donated, to those who shared and shouted about the campaign from the rooftops – we are so grateful. You make the difference, and without your amazing support we couldn’t have raised these valuable funds.

The campaign has helped highlight some of the work we do connecting people with Scotland’s canal heritage and environment, including helping young people unlock their full potential on canal college and working with schools to teach new generations to learn about and care for the canals. We’ve raised awareness of the work we do and some of the amazing people we work with along the way!

We were delighted to announce during the campaign that Scottish rugby legend Finn Russell supports our plans to develop the hub. Finn joined us at The Falkirk Wheel to meet some of the young people on canal college, and congratulate them on their fantastic achievements.

We’d also like to say a big thanks to the many organisations who supported our campaign, including MacKenzie Construction, Garland PR and Clearview Intelligence Limited.

We’re now fundraising hard for the remainder of funds needed to develop the hub in Falkirk, so please keep in touch for updates!

If you selected one of our canal-based perks as part of the campaign it will be on its way shortly; watch this space.

A huge thank you once again!