Anglian Water Business volunteers help look after local canal

Volunteers from Anglian Water Business spent a day out along the historic Union Canal in Edinburgh helping Scottish Waterways Trust care for their local waterway.

Volunteers worked with a Community Engagement Officer from Scottish Waterways Trust, the charity that helps create brighter futures for people, communities and wildlife across Scotland’s canal network, and carried out a range of activities to help the canal looking good. Rolling up their sleeves, the group painted railings, cleared vegetation and breathed new life into a canalside bench.

The valuable work of the volunteers has made a visible difference to the 200-year-old waterway, which is listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument and is a vital part of the city’s heritage.

Claire Martin, Community Engagement Officer at Scottish Waterways Trust, said:

The team at Anglian Water Business did a fantastic job volunteering along The Union Canal in Edinburgh. With the hard work of volunteers, we can make a huge difference to the 200-year-old waterway, which attracts more than 10 million visits each year.

Not only is the waterway a vital part of Scotland’s industrial heritage, today the Union Canal provides the perfect place for walkers, cyclists and boaters relax, discover and explore. Volunteers like Anglian Water Business help keep the canal a beautiful place for everyone. We always welcome more people to come along, try something new and get involved with volunteering on their local canal!


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