Reaching Out to Tackle Loneliness

We have signed the Reach Out pledge to help tackle loneliness and social isolation in the Highlands.

The Reach Out campaign was created by NHS Highland to ‘reach out’ to those individuals who may be lonely, and make a difference in their lives. Research suggests social isolation and loneliness has a significant impact on people’s health and wellbeing, including a shortened lifespan, depression, anxiety and poor lifestyle behaviours.

We have pledged to help tackle isolation with our programmes and projects in the Highlands, particularly through our Nature Walks for Wellbeing, weekly 90-minute sessions of mindful, nature-based activities along the Caledonian Canal and surrounding areas. Through these sessions, we aim to help those who most need our help, in a safe, inclusive and social setting.

We know from running this project what a difference getting outdoors, and being around other people can make. Lots of those taking part have told us how they have benefited from being around others, feeling supported and breathing in the fresh Highland air.

We have also recently launched the first ever permanent Walk a Mile in the Highlands with partners, and hope to bring people together to challenge mental health stigma.

Find out more about our projects in the Highlands, and join the Reach Out campaign by signing the pledge and committing to tackle loneliness.