Its been over a month since I joined the Scottish Waterways Trust and this is the first moment I have had time to stop, think, go over what I have been up to and compose this, my first Blog. What a blast! In the first week there was the Inverness Science festival event to publicise the great stuff we offer from the Scottish Waterways Trust. The following week I led a delightful and delicious wild food walk along the canal here in Inverness, browsing on lots of yummy stuff we found growing along the way. Then the week after was a volunteer session litter picking along the canal to Clachnaharry. The following two weeks involved taking out pupils from Dalney and Muirton Primary schools to discover and explore the wildlife and nature around the canal as it wends its way through Inverness. I also led my first Nature Walk for Wellbeing in the local Merkinch nature reserve where it butts onto the canal.

I have to say, its been pretty full on and busy, and I am only working part time! A very full and rewarding experience so far, and one of the highlights was definitely observing wee shoals of Sticklebacks by the edge of the canal with the Primary school pupils. We saw courtship behaviour, some beautiful oranges and green colourations, and even a few larger fish (not sticklebacks) breaching as they jumped out of the way of some unseen underwater predator. Its a fascinating life along the canal.